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Korean commentary distribution

A report from South Korea this week indicates that Mission World Library sold just over 7,200 copies of my Korean language commentaries in 2021.

A number of years ago I had a visit from a Korean family from Seoul. In our conversation the husband said: I know that Mission World Library will want to understand this but how did your books come to be published through them. I laughed and responded: “God!” Why a Korean publisher would take on the task and expense of translating 27 volumes by an unknown author is quite beyond me and ultimately the only answer is: “God.” It is humbling to know that He has a purpose for my work in Korea. Pray that nothing would hinder that purpose.

Korean Bible Commentaries

From 2010-2012 I had the privilege of working with Mission World Library in Seoul, Korea to produce a Bible commentary series on the whole Bible in the Korean language. Eleven years later these commentaries are still being distributed. Pray that the Lord would open doors for these books to be a source of right blessing for Korean speaking believers.