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Secure Digital Card Library

The Secure Digital Library is an important part of the ministry of Light To My Path Book Distribution. I have developped this over the past couple of years but only in the last year has it become the main focus of the distribution.

This secure digital card can be inserted into a smartphone, tablet or computer and contains a complete Bible commentary, studies on a variety of passages and topics, hours of audio teaching, and an Android app.

Currently, seven Christian workers receive a complete library every week. Would you pray that this digital library on would be a useful tool for Christian workers around the world?

Light To My Path Book Distribution 2020 Report

For those who are interested here is a general report of what took place in 2020.

New English Studies for 2020
Six new English books were published and made available for distribution:

1. The Choices We Make (Topical Study)
2. Fresh Wineskins –  (A Study of Luke 5:36-39)
3. Offerings and Sacrifices of the OT – (A Survey)
4. Much Fruit – (A study of John 15:1-8)
5. The Order of Melchizedek – (Topical Study)
6. Naaman the Syrian – (A Study of 2 Kings 5:1-19)

New Translations (completed)
Thirteen books were translated into five languages. Five thousand copies of these physical books were distributed this year:

Burmese (Myanmar)
1. 2 Corinthians

Ateso (Uganda)
1. If My People
2. If Your Brother Sins

1. Exchanging Heavenly Reward
2. Not What I Expected
3. By Way Of the Red Sea
4. The Relenting Heart of God
5. Beyond the Veil
6. Philippians and Colossians
7. Partners in the Gospel
8. Loving God

Amharic (Ethiopia)
1. East of Eden

Swahili (Tanzania)
1. East of Eden – 1,000 copies printed and distributed

New Translations (in progress)
Four new translation projects were initiated this year and should be finished in the new year:

1. Oriya (India)
2. Mbunda (Zambia)
3. Spanish (Cuba)
4. Telegu (India)

New Distribution Centres:
Three new distribution centres were added this year. This includes a translator/distributor:

1. Ateso – Uganda
2. Amharic – Ethiopia
3. Telegu – India


Online reading library (

The online reading library continues to develop with books in English and Spanish being added as they become available. Plans are underway to introduce an Urdu library in the near future. Website stats indicate that the top nine countries visiting the website are:

1. United States
2. Germany
3. Canada
4. France
5. Singapore
6. Russian Federation
7. Kenya
8. Ukraine
9. China

The website has had about 18,000 visits this year from about 3,000 people so it appears that many are return visitors.

SD card library (English)

The secure digital card library continues to be developped and now contains the following:

1. Complete Bible commentary series from Genesis to Revelation
2. Bible study books on various passages and topics
3. Android app containing complete library
4. About 10 hours of Audio Teaching in the form of podcast 

I try to ship cards to eight people a week.

Weekly podcast

I am working on a regular weekly podcast based on the books I have been writing. This podcast is available online, and as each series is completed it will be added to the Secure Digital library for distribution. This means that those who receive the SD card library can hear the teaching on their phones or tablets. I have produced 41 podcasts of about 20 minutes each this year.

LTMP WhatsApp Cuba – 107 members

We started a WhatsApp group for Cuba this year. We have over 100 church leaders in this group. We provide a new Spanish book in pdf format each week to these Christian workers. The book is automatically downloaded to their devices for reading and study.

LTMP WhatsApp Ghana – 45+ members

In December we started a second WhatsApp group for Ghana. We have over 45 members in this group and I have been distributing weekly commentaries and Bible study books in pdf to these members.

Online Bible

Work has begun this year in the Netherlands to format my Bible commentary files for use with the Online Bible platform (Windows, iphone and Android). In December they released the first three books (Matthew, Mark and Luke voles 1-3).

Online Sales

I no longer sell books personally. Every book I print in my shop is given away freely. The only place books can be purchased in online through Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords. I receive a royalty for book amounting to about $100 a month. This money goes into my ministry account to help fund the distribution of books to those who cannot afford them.

Korean Commentaries

My Korean commentary series continues is sold and distributed in South Korea. Royalties from the sales of these books also goes directly into the ministry. The amount received from this varies each year with the past few years being around CAD$500-600 for the year.

Equipment Replacement

The publishing equipment I have been using has worked well for me but this year I had to repair and ultimately replace my laminator. While this was a fair expense this year, with a number of books now being distributed electronically, I am trusting this laminator will last me quite a few years.

Korean Bible Commentaries

From 2010-2012 I had the privilege of working with Mission World Library in Seoul, Korea to produce a Bible commentary series on the whole Bible in the Korean language. Eleven years later these commentaries are still being distributed. Pray that the Lord would open doors for these books to be a source of right blessing for Korean speaking believers.

Mbunda Translation of the Study on the Lost Sheep

These past few weeks I have been working with a Mbunda translator in Zambia. He has complete the translation of my study Jesus parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:3-7). The book is being typed at present and we hope to print and distribute 1,000 copies in the Sesheke region of the country. Pray for the blessing of the Lord on this distribution.

The Order of Melchizedek

The Order of Melchizedek

There is no Bible character so mysterious as the person of Melchizedek. Abraham met him on his return from battle in Genesis 14. It would be easy to forget him were it not for the fact that his name appears in four passages of Scripture.

What is significant about this Old Testament character is his connection with Christ. Jesus would become a priest not of the Old Testament order of Aaron but rather of the order of Melchizedek. The book of Hebrews tells us that Melchizedek’s priestly order was better than the priestly order of Aaron and the Levites of the Old Testament.

In this latest study posted to the Online Reading Library, we will examine the four passages of Scripture that speak about Melchizedek with the attempt to bring some clarity to his character and priesthood. Check it out at

Cuban WhatsApp Group

We have recently started a Light To My Path WhatsApp group for Cuban pastors. Through this group, we will be providing these Christian workers I tth Light To My Path Books in PDF format. Currently over ninety pastors have joined the group to receive books. One pastor wrote to say that he had just been praying for God to give him books for his ministry. He saw this as the answer to his prayer. Over the coming weeks, we will be presenting a three-volume commentary on Matthew, Mark and Luke, a commentary on John and several studies I have writing on the gospels. Would you pray that the Lord would bless this ministry to Cuba?