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“Testimonies of people whose lives have been changed”

From Swahili Translator in Tanzania: “I just wanted to let you know that God has put in me a great desire to see His people coming to know Him in their lives. I have decided to keep on translating the books into Swahili. I was encouraged after seeing a lot of people building great interest with our books. We have many testimonies of people whose lives have been changed because of these books. Right now I have finished two books and am working on the third. I want to get everything ready on this end so when the Lord provides some funds for printing you will let me know.”

Can’t Afford to buy one book

From a Christian worker in the Philippines: “I am so thankful for faithfully sending me your Devotional Commentary Series. I am also thankful to God for His continual supply of your needs to make the printing of your books possible. I have to let you know that I’m keeping copies for my personal devotional and study resource materials and the rest I am sharing them with a small but developing Bible School Library and Filipino pastors in the rural areas who are faithful in the ministry but can’t afford to buy one book.”

Books are doing wonders

From a pastor in Nigeria: “I want to thank you very much in a very big way for all the commentary books you sent to me and other pastors. I must confess to you the books are doing wonders over here. Your books are being used to teach, prepare sermons and preach the good news in a very powerful way to people. I want to thank you for this big work you are doing. Praying for you every day.”

How Can I get more?

Thanks for what God has done through you to avail these simple easy to understand wonderful books. I have just read Peter and James. How can I get more brother? Bookshops in Kenya have very few (2-4) of your books. Can’t get Acts and most of New Testament and Old Testament books. ‎I have yearned to build others through your books.

Response from Indian Printer

We praise God for His grace and strength for enabling us to complete this good task. You could be very sure that this book would surely be an inspiration to Tamil speaking people in India and other countries too. Since, we have asked Maranatha Publishing to send some of your books as complimentary to church pastors (Tamil speaking congregations) in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, France and even to Canada too. Kindly do pray that this distribution would be done effectively and rightly too – so that these Holy Spirit messages would inspire many people to stand firm in their walk with God in this world!

Indonesian Sister Uses LTMP Commentaries for Bible Study Group

My colleagues and I have recently started a bible study group. We have been using the “Light to My Path”  commentaries as guidelines especially when there are passage that is difficult to understand. On behalf of my friends, I would like to once again express my gratitude and appreciation for your kindness. Thank You and may God continue to bless you abundantly.

“My pastor took my books”

‎Brother I have not finished reading the books but my knowledge has increased and my faith build up. Thank you for these books. May the lord bless you. Please my pastor took some of the books. Please I will be glad if you can send me the same books again so i can give it to my pastor and collect mine back. Thanks

“Wonderful things happened in my life” in Nigeria

I am formerly muslim even an Alhaji who visited “mecca” the islamic Holy Land. But recently wonderful things happen in my life when an evangelist visited me in my home and preached the gospel to me and gave me your booklets and the booklets am reading touched my soul and now am a Christian but i lack of Religion items and i want you to assist me and my family with Holy Bibles and literature books.