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Amharic reading library

While we do not have many books translated into Amharic yet, I have been asked to make the one we have available online. I am happy to do this and have created an Amharic page in my online reading library. We will add more as they become available. Pray that the few books we do hanger would be a blessing to Amharic speaking believers. The page is accessible at the following address:

Korean commentary distribution

A report from South Korea this week indicates that Mission World Library sold just over 7,200 copies of my Korean language commentaries in 2021.

A number of years ago I had a visit from a Korean family from Seoul. In our conversation the husband said: I know that Mission World Library will want to understand this but how did your books come to be published through them. I laughed and responded: “God!” Why a Korean publisher would take on the task and expense of translating 27 volumes by an unknown author is quite beyond me and ultimately the only answer is: “God.” It is humbling to know that He has a purpose for my work in Korea. Pray that nothing would hinder that purpose.

Ethiopian Church uses Books for Training

I received the following email from my translator/distributor in Ethiopia:

“Yesterday I received an encouraging letter from —– Church, and I am glad to hear that they are getting equipped with the knowledge of God. They are using the books as training manual during their Bible studies.”

It is a blessing to know that the material we are translating into the Amharic language in Ethiopia is being used by this church to help disciple believers in their walk with the Lord. Thanks for your prayers.

Commentary Series shipped to Nigeria

Every so often I get an email from someone who has been using my books in their ministry. In September of 2021 I received the following message from a pastor in Edo State, Nigeria:

I want you to know that recently I am ministering to some men on a regular basis. I often borrow ideas or get thoughts from your teaching book – ISAIAH – that ministers to me on a regular basis. I pass it to the men, and I feel strongly that I should write and thank you.  I know postage is high shipping books but I ask that you keep my ministry on your list for free books for use in our Christian library.

It often takes months to get to each request but this week I had the opportunity to ship a commentary series (37 books) to this pastor for his Christian library. Would you pray that these packages would arrive safely and that as these books are added to his Christian library in Nigeria, they would touch the lives of those who borrow them.

First Book of the Year Ready for Print

I begin this year working on my Ateso language commentary on the book of Revelation. It took three afternoons this week to format this book and design the cover, but I have now completed the task. One thousand books will be printed and distributed in Uganda in the weeks and months to come. Pray that this book will be a blessing to Ugandan believers.

First Projects of 2022

We will begin the year with nine translation projects in process. The latest is my Ateso commentary on the book of Revelation for Uganda. I received an email this week telling me that the translation is completed and the book is undergoing proof reading. I will need format it for printing. This will be one of my first priorities of the new year. Pray for us as we proceed with the printing and distribution of 1,000 copies of this book in Uganda.

Also, this week, I had news that my Urdu commentary on Philippians and Colossians has been printed and collected from the printers in Pakistan. One thousand copies of this will also be going out in the weeks and months to come. Below is a picture of the Urdu books ready for distribution.

Distribution Report 2021

Here is a general summary of the distribution projects undertaken in 2021:

  • Writing and publication of nine (9) new English studies in 2021 on a variety of Bible topics and passages
  • Translation, printing and distribution of three (3) Urdu New Testament commentaries for Pakistan (1,000 copies each)
  • Translation and publication of six (6) Spanish books thanks to my translators in Cuba
  • Distribution of one Spanish eBook a week (49 books) to just over 100 Christian workers in Cuba through the Light To My Path Cuba WhatsApp Group
  • Distribution of one English eBook a week to just over 50 Christian workers in Ghana through the Light To My Path Ghana WhatsApp group.
  • Translation, printing and distribution of two (2) Amharic Bible study books in Ethiopia (1,000 copies each)
  • Translation, printing and distribution of one (1) Ateso language Old Testament commentary in Uganda (1,000 copies)
  • Translation, printing and distribution of one (1) Bible study in Telugu for India (1,000 copies)
  • I am waiting to hear word about the Burmese translation of my commentary on Galatians and Ephesians for Myanmar. Due to the political upheaval and Covid-19 in Myanmar, this has been taking a while to print and distribute. I have, however, paid for 1,000 copies to be printed and distributed.
  • 292 individuals received a package(s) in the mail with printed books or Secure Digital Card libraries
  • In the past 365 days 16,181 people from 143 countries have visited my website 62,181 times
  • Production of 50 podcasts in 7 series available on a variety of podcast platforms

I am thankful to Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church in Blues Mills and other supporters who have made these small-scale projects possible. With the visits on the website and the book distribution, we have been able to reach over 20,000 people this year. Have any lives been changed? Only the Lord God knows that. My prayer, however, is that among the thousands we have reached this year, some will be drawn closer to the Saviour. We can at least pray to this end.