I would like to thank the Lord for the team of translators, distributors and programmers he had provided to make the various aspects of this ministry possible.

Andrew Eggimann (Georgia)

Andrew is a freelance software developer ( who designed and built this website. Andrew and his family live in Tbilisi, Georgia. By means of the online library and its resources, we have been reaching people in many different countries around the world.

Andrew Lyann (Myanmar)

Andrew Lyann lives in Yangon, Myanmar and lectures at the Berean Evangelical School of Theology ( He is also involved in church planting and translation work. He is supervising the translation and distribution of the Burmese translations for Myanmar.

Biju John (India)

 Biju John is from Noida, UP, India, He has founded a number of ministries in India including Road Runner World Mission, Harvest Mission Ministries and Harvest Mission College and their associated ministries (Harvest Mission Churches, Harvest Mission Publications, Harvest Mission Schools). These ministry wings are spreading not only in North India but across India and South Asia. Biju supervised the translation and distribution of a number of Light To My Path Devotional Commentaries in the Hindi language.

David Gomero Borges (Cuba)

David and his wife have are translating books from English to Spanish for the encouragement and strengthening of the church leadership in Cuba. David is quite active as a translator for various speakers ministering in Cuba.

Danilo Rodriguez Perez (USA)

Danilo, a Cuban currently living in the USA has translated a number of Light To My Path commentaries into Spanish.

Emmanuel Dewan (Pakistan)

A father of three children, Emmanuel Dewan lives in Lahore, Pakistan where he is involved in a ministry of teaching and preaching. He is a graduate of Grace Bible Institute in Lahore and has participated in numerous conferences and training events in Pakistan and Asia. He serves as a Christian book translator and interpreter for international evangelists and teachers. He travels widely throughout Pakistan and Asia. Emmanuel is presently translating the Light To My Path commentaries into Urdu. He is also responsible for the distribution of these books throughout Pakistan.

Israel Ochuli (Uganda)

Israel Ochuli is a pastor who lives in the Palissa region of Uganda. He has been supervising the translation and distribution of material in the Ateso language.

Jim and Marion Arnott (Canada)

For a number of years, Jim and Marion Arnott came weekly to my office to help with packaging and preparing books for shipment. Now in their 90’s this is no longer possible. Their faithful devotion to this ministry will always be appreciated,.

Marc Randall (Zambia)

Mark is a full-time missionary living in Zambia. As a computer programmer he has a burden to see pastors equipped with Bible teaching material for their ministry. Marc has been been working on the distribution of Light To My Path Book Distribution Material through wifi points scattered across the country. Christian workers can access these wifi points and download Bible resources to their phones and tablets.

Moses Yamba (Zambia)

Moses is a pastor who lives in Zambia, He is responsible for the translation and distribution of books in the Mbunda language.

Peter Silvanus (Tanzania)

Pastor Peter Silvanus is regional director of the Tanzania Baptist Church in the Lake Zone Region of Tanzania. He is our Swahili translator. Pastor Silvanus supervises the distribution of the Swahili translations to various Bible Schools and pastors in the Tanzanian Baptist Church.

Sunial Pani (India)

Sunial is a computer programmer who has a deep burden to teach the truth of Scripture. He has given himself full-time to teaching and spreading the truth of the Bible in the Odisha region of India. Sunial has been translating and distributing Light To My Path material in the Odiya language.