Distribution Report 2021

Here is a general summary of the distribution projects undertaken in 2021:

  • Writing and publication of nine (9) new English studies in 2021 on a variety of Bible topics and passages
  • Translation, printing and distribution of three (3) Urdu New Testament commentaries for Pakistan (1,000 copies each)
  • Translation and publication of six (6) Spanish books thanks to my translators in Cuba
  • Distribution of one Spanish eBook a week (49 books) to just over 100 Christian workers in Cuba through the Light To My Path Cuba WhatsApp Group
  • Distribution of one English eBook a week to just over 50 Christian workers in Ghana through the Light To My Path Ghana WhatsApp group.
  • Translation, printing and distribution of two (2) Amharic Bible study books in Ethiopia (1,000 copies each)
  • Translation, printing and distribution of one (1) Ateso language Old Testament commentary in Uganda (1,000 copies)
  • Translation, printing and distribution of one (1) Bible study in Telugu for India (1,000 copies)
  • I am waiting to hear word about the Burmese translation of my commentary on Galatians and Ephesians for Myanmar. Due to the political upheaval and Covid-19 in Myanmar, this has been taking a while to print and distribute. I have, however, paid for 1,000 copies to be printed and distributed.
  • 292 individuals received a package(s) in the mail with printed books or Secure Digital Card libraries
  • In the past 365 days 16,181 people from 143 countries have visited my website 62,181 times
  • Production of 50 podcasts in 7 series available on a variety of podcast platforms

I am thankful to Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church in Blues Mills and other supporters who have made these small-scale projects possible. With the visits on the website and the book distribution, we have been able to reach over 20,000 people this year. Have any lives been changed? Only the Lord God knows that. My prayer, however, is that among the thousands we have reached this year, some will be drawn closer to the Saviour. We can at least pray to this end.