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Ethiopian Church uses Books for Training

I received the following email from my translator/distributor in Ethiopia:

“Yesterday I received an encouraging letter from —– Church, and I am glad to hear that they are getting equipped with the knowledge of God. They are using the books as training manual during their Bible studies.”

It is a blessing to know that the material we are translating into the Amharic language in Ethiopia is being used by this church to help disciple believers in their walk with the Lord. Thanks for your prayers.

Commentary Series shipped to Nigeria

Every so often I get an email from someone who has been using my books in their ministry. In September of 2021 I received the following message from a pastor in Edo State, Nigeria:

I want you to know that recently I am ministering to some men on a regular basis. I often borrow ideas or get thoughts from your teaching book – ISAIAH – that ministers to me on a regular basis. I pass it to the men, and I feel strongly that I should write and thank you.  I know postage is high shipping books but I ask that you keep my ministry on your list for free books for use in our Christian library.

It often takes months to get to each request but this week I had the opportunity to ship a commentary series (37 books) to this pastor for his Christian library. Would you pray that these packages would arrive safely and that as these books are added to his Christian library in Nigeria, they would touch the lives of those who borrow them.

Kenya: “In Times of Dryness”

From Kenya: “When I read your books, I feel like God is speakiing to me direct.  In times of dryness your books have sparked a revival in the hearts of many people in my church. We have been borrowing these books from friends here in Eldoret and your gospel literature has filled us with the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ.”

Kenya: “Cold Water to A Thirsty Soul”

I and my congregation are thrilled for the anointed and inspiring messages and lessons we have been receiving from your books which we have been borrowing from friends here in Kenya. My heart is filled with a lot of joy as I write this letter, Your books have been so refreshing, encouraging and rebuking everytime I go through them. 

"As cold water to a thirsty soul so is good news from a far country (Proverbs 25:25).
Your ministry through books has made our faith to become stronger, our love for God has increased tremendously. I thank God because through your ministry my eyes have been opened so as to see, "the riches of his glorious inheritance in us" and also to his love for us.

Something I Can Preach and Teach

A pastor in Kenya writes the following:

"My congregatipon is thrilled for the anointed and inspiring messages and lessons we have been receiving from you after going through some of your books which we have been borrowing from friends here in Kenya…There is a changed in our life and in our walk with the Lord. I as a pastor at least have something which I can preach and teach my congregation.

“Testimonies of people whose lives have been changed”

From Swahili Translator in Tanzania: “I just wanted to let you know that God has put in me a great desire to see His people coming to know Him in their lives. I have decided to keep on translating the books into Swahili. I was encouraged after seeing a lot of people building great interest with our books. We have many testimonies of people whose lives have been changed because of these books. Right now I have finished two books and am working on the third. I want to get everything ready on this end so when the Lord provides some funds for printing you will let me know.”

Can’t Afford to buy one book

From a Christian worker in the Philippines: “I am so thankful for faithfully sending me your Devotional Commentary Series. I am also thankful to God for His continual supply of your needs to make the printing of your books possible. I have to let you know that I’m keeping copies for my personal devotional and study resource materials and the rest I am sharing them with a small but developing Bible School Library and Filipino pastors in the rural areas who are faithful in the ministry but can’t afford to buy one book.”

Books are doing wonders

From a pastor in Nigeria: “I want to thank you very much in a very big way for all the commentary books you sent to me and other pastors. I must confess to you the books are doing wonders over here. Your books are being used to teach, prepare sermons and preach the good news in a very powerful way to people. I want to thank you for this big work you are doing. Praying for you every day.”