What is Light To My Path Book Distribution?

Light To My Path Book Distribution is the book writing, publishing, and distribution ministry of F. Wayne Mac Leod a full-time missionary with Action International Ministries. The goal of the ministry is to provide pastors, teachers, and evangelists in Africa, Asia and Latin America with Bible study materials for their personal encouragement and ministry support. Most of these workers do not have access to, or cannot afford Bible study resources. Light To My Path Book Distribution seeks to meet this need through the free distribution of Wayne’s Bible studies to Christian workers in over 60 countries.

What books are available?

Wayne has written commentaries on each book of the Bible as well as a number of studies on a variety of Scripture passages and subjects. All English and Spanish books are available in print and ebook format at his Amazon author page. If you are interested in an ebook format other than Kindle, please my Smashwords page for a different ebook formats.

Who is F. Wayne Mac Leod?

F. Wayne Mac Leod was born in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada, and graduated from Ontario Bible College, University of Waterloo, and Ontario Theological Seminary. He was ordained at Hespeler Baptist Church in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. He and his wife Diane served with the Africa Evangelical Fellowship in church development and leadership training on the islands of Reunion and Mauritius. Wayne is currently involved with Action International Ministries in a writing and distribution ministry. He lives with his wife on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, CANADA

How does the book distribution work?

Light To My Path Book Distribution ships physical copies of Wayne’s books from Canada to individual workers in over 60 countries. The number of requests and cost of postage and printing, however, has meant that there is a long waiting list for these books.

Wayne has partnered with translators in India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Tanzania and Cuba and provides them with the funds to translate, print and distribute books locally in their countries.

Due to the demand and the high cost of printing and shipping, we have been seeking ways to distribute these Bible studies electronically. We are currently developing this ministry.

How can I keep up to date with the ministry?

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